Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's Giveaway Time!! EXTENDED!!

So It Seems That I Get an Itch For a Giveaway Every So Often! So Let's Get this one underway!
For this giveaway I Will be Sending one Lucky Winner a Roll-on Perfume of your Choice! 
 Choose From The Perfumes Currently In my shop HERE, Or Choose From my Complete Scent List (Below) for your Own Custom Blend! Choose up to 5 Fragrances In Creating your own Signature Scent! Now, About our Pefumes!

 This Perfume Will Fit nicely in a Pocket, Purse, Wristlet and More! Our Perfume Oils Hold Their Scent Extremely Well and also has a Wonderful Throw.
Our Perfume Leaves a soft, silky feel to skin and is Paraben Free.  Specially Designed To Glide Across your Skin Without Leaving A Greasy Feeling. Soaks Nicely into your Skin Leaving it Soft and Silky.

 To Enter you have Many choices! 
How to Enter:
1. A Comment on my Blog Gets you ONE Entry!
2. Liking my Facebook Page Gets you ONE Entry!
3. Writing on my Facebook Wall Gets you ONE Entry!
4. Follow my New Blog Gets you ONE Entry!
5. Any Purchase From my Shop Gets you THREE Entries!

Please Be Sure to Leave An Email So I can Contact the Winner Once Drawn!
If you are Entering the Contest several times, Please make sure All the Names you leave (On My blog, Through Facebook and So on) Are all the Same, So I can accurately Keep track of all Entries! 
CONTEST RUNS THROUGH APRIL 11th THROUGH APRIL 30th! Thats 10 Full Days to get your Name in!
If you have any Additional Questions Feel Free to Convo Me on Etsy Here , Through Facebook Here, or Email me Here.
1. Vanilla Supreme
2. Peppermint Patty
3. Pomegranate Vanilla
4. Black Raspberry Vanilla
5. Birthday Cake
6. Venus Fly Trap
7. Lavender
8. Dark Chocolate Orange
9. Happy Taffy
10. Peppermint
11. Leather
12. Hawaiian Tropics Type
13. Nectarine Mint
14. Carnation
15. Peach Gardenia
16. Chocolate Chip Cookie
17. Oatmeal Milk and Honey
18. Raspberry Cream Cupcake
19. Baby Powder
20. Pumpkin Marshmallow
21. Banana
22. Vanilla Rose
23. Toasted Marshmallows
24. Farmers Market
25. Sour Watermelon
26. Hippy Christmas
27. Fancy Type
28. Mango Tea Mint
29. Drakkar Type
30. Mystic Orange Moonstone
31. Summers Rain Sorbet
32. Moonlit Pomegranate Type
33. Coco Mango
34. Chocolate Kisses
35. Pomegranate Lime
36. Mom
37. Garden Mint
38. Vanilla Pear
39. Strawberry Rose
40. Peach Magnolia Raspberry
41. Gummy Bears
42. Sandalwood
43. Dirt
44. Waffle Cone
45. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle


  1. The moonlit pomegranate sounds lovely!

  2. It's a beautiful Fragrance For Sure!

  3. The Hawaiian Tropics Type sounds like a fragrance I'd like because I've been to Hawaii and I absolutely love it there!

  4. I like Imaginary Bee on facebook ( Kirsten Perez )

  5. I wrote on your facebook wall. ( Kirsten Perez )

  6. I follow you on Google friend connect ( Kirsten Perez )

  7. Thank you So Much Kirsten! You now Have 4 Entries!! Good Luck to you!!! And thanks for Playing!

  8. I would love to win the queen vanilla!
    desertdeal (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Now that one Smells AMAZING!! Thank you for your Entry!! Good Luck!!

  10. Would love the Lavender!!!

  11. Thank you for your Entry!!! Good Luck!! Lavender is Such a Wonderful Fragrance!

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  13. FB fan-Crystal Marie

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  14. GFC blog follower-Ginger

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  15. I posted on your facebook wall-Crystal Marie

    crluckystar at yahoo dot com

  16. I love trying new perfume oils and you have so many great scents!! I will visit your shop often :)

    crluckystar at yahoo dot com

  17. Thank you for your Entries Everyone!! Good luck to you all!! We have 6 Days Left Until the drawing! :D

  18. We Are down to Around 2 Days Left for the Giveaway!!

  19. Hard to decide - perhaps I would try Mango Tea Mint first.
    bwalker1123 at gmail dot com

  20. I like you on FB.
    bonnie walker

  21. Wrote on your FB wall - bonnie walker.

  22. Thank you Bonnie! That gives you 4 Entries total! Good Luck! (The Mango Tea Mint is Such a nice fragrance. It's not overwhelming, but So Delicate and Perfect)

  23. seems like smelling like a chocolate chip cookie could be dangerous, but i bet you're popular!


  24. following the blog via GFC


  25. I would love to try the Hawaiian Tropics Type!

  26. I like your facebook page:)

  27. I wrote on your wall:)

  28. Thank you Everyone for all your entries!! A Winner Has been chosen and Also been Notified In an Email. Thank you ALL SO MUCH for playing!! We Will do this again in the future!! Xo!