Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cold Process Soap

Can you believe that February Is Already Half over? It's amazing how Fast time flies!!
This month I've been working on a few Soaps, and currently have 2 of them Listed in my Etsy Shop. (you can view them here) Here are the two types! (2.5-3 Oz)
Pumpkin Brown Sugar Fig (bubble bar)

This is one of THE best Smelling Soaps I have made. It has a fantastic blend of Pumpkin Brown Sugar topped with a Brown Sugar Fig which sets this blend over the top! I've added ribbons of Blueberry Seeds for a Mild exfoliating wash. This is my bubble Bar Soap, it is sure Lather Beautifully and without the harsh Chemicals of store bought soap! (I currently use this bar as my shampoo with AMAZING results!)

Oatmeal olive oil Bar Soap 
  Everyone Knows Oatmeal Is great for your Skin! So When you Paid a Powdered Oatmeal With an All natural Bubble Soap it's a Win Win Situation! Scented with an earthy Oatmeal Milk and Honey and topped with Raw oatmeal for added scrubbing power! Made using 75% Olive Oil, this Soap is sure to leave your Skin Silky Soft and Happy!

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