Monday, January 7, 2013

And The Winner is.....!

First, I would like to thank everyone who entered the giveaway! I had a lot of fun seeing the entries keep climbing! We had over 230! So, onto the fun Part!

Due to the fact our first winner did not step forward within the 24 hour time frame, we have drawn a new winner!

 The Winner of the Fairy Farts Lip Balm and the Posh Bath Salts is.....

rochelle haynes !!! Please contact me at Info@Imaginary-Bee with your shipping info!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Feature of the week is....

GrammaLea on Etsy!
I've chosen this shop for the week because I have become addicted to her dish cloths! Having found her shop through a fun BNS I purchased a set of dish towels with the thought of using them as table top wipe downs.
 The above picture is my most recent purchase. Not only are these thick, extremely absorbent, and made in a variety of colors (You can choose your own if you want!) but they are eco friendly! These have saved me so many rolls of paper towels already! 
I've used these for:
*Wiping down the kitchen table
*Drying a cup or Plate
*Cleaning my boys messy faces! (and they def. need it at times after eating)
*Wiping up spills on the stove top
And more!

I can officially say that I am addicted and think you will be too!
Below is a list of a few more beautiful items you can find in her shop:
Flip Flops! On Sale now!
Ladies Slippers! Perfect for Winter!

Beautiful Ladies Hats!
And more! Thank you for having such an awesome shop and for being this weeks shout out!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

New Winner in Giveaway!

We have drawn a New Winner, Due to the Last winner Not contacting me in the 72 Hour Window. The new winner of the giveaway is:
 Mary/My Desert Deals

Please contact me at


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's Giveaway Time!! EXTENDED!!

So It Seems That I Get an Itch For a Giveaway Every So Often! So Let's Get this one underway!
For this giveaway I Will be Sending one Lucky Winner a Roll-on Perfume of your Choice! 
 Choose From The Perfumes Currently In my shop HERE, Or Choose From my Complete Scent List (Below) for your Own Custom Blend! Choose up to 5 Fragrances In Creating your own Signature Scent! Now, About our Pefumes!

 This Perfume Will Fit nicely in a Pocket, Purse, Wristlet and More! Our Perfume Oils Hold Their Scent Extremely Well and also has a Wonderful Throw.
Our Perfume Leaves a soft, silky feel to skin and is Paraben Free.  Specially Designed To Glide Across your Skin Without Leaving A Greasy Feeling. Soaks Nicely into your Skin Leaving it Soft and Silky.

 To Enter you have Many choices! 
How to Enter:
1. A Comment on my Blog Gets you ONE Entry!
2. Liking my Facebook Page Gets you ONE Entry!
3. Writing on my Facebook Wall Gets you ONE Entry!
4. Follow my New Blog Gets you ONE Entry!
5. Any Purchase From my Shop Gets you THREE Entries!

Please Be Sure to Leave An Email So I can Contact the Winner Once Drawn!
If you are Entering the Contest several times, Please make sure All the Names you leave (On My blog, Through Facebook and So on) Are all the Same, So I can accurately Keep track of all Entries! 
CONTEST RUNS THROUGH APRIL 11th THROUGH APRIL 30th! Thats 10 Full Days to get your Name in!
If you have any Additional Questions Feel Free to Convo Me on Etsy Here , Through Facebook Here, or Email me Here.
1. Vanilla Supreme
2. Peppermint Patty
3. Pomegranate Vanilla
4. Black Raspberry Vanilla
5. Birthday Cake
6. Venus Fly Trap
7. Lavender
8. Dark Chocolate Orange
9. Happy Taffy
10. Peppermint
11. Leather
12. Hawaiian Tropics Type
13. Nectarine Mint
14. Carnation
15. Peach Gardenia
16. Chocolate Chip Cookie
17. Oatmeal Milk and Honey
18. Raspberry Cream Cupcake
19. Baby Powder
20. Pumpkin Marshmallow
21. Banana
22. Vanilla Rose
23. Toasted Marshmallows
24. Farmers Market
25. Sour Watermelon
26. Hippy Christmas
27. Fancy Type
28. Mango Tea Mint
29. Drakkar Type
30. Mystic Orange Moonstone
31. Summers Rain Sorbet
32. Moonlit Pomegranate Type
33. Coco Mango
34. Chocolate Kisses
35. Pomegranate Lime
36. Mom
37. Garden Mint
38. Vanilla Pear
39. Strawberry Rose
40. Peach Magnolia Raspberry
41. Gummy Bears
42. Sandalwood
43. Dirt
44. Waffle Cone
45. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cold Process Soap

Can you believe that February Is Already Half over? It's amazing how Fast time flies!!
This month I've been working on a few Soaps, and currently have 2 of them Listed in my Etsy Shop. (you can view them here) Here are the two types! (2.5-3 Oz)
Pumpkin Brown Sugar Fig (bubble bar)

This is one of THE best Smelling Soaps I have made. It has a fantastic blend of Pumpkin Brown Sugar topped with a Brown Sugar Fig which sets this blend over the top! I've added ribbons of Blueberry Seeds for a Mild exfoliating wash. This is my bubble Bar Soap, it is sure Lather Beautifully and without the harsh Chemicals of store bought soap! (I currently use this bar as my shampoo with AMAZING results!)

Oatmeal olive oil Bar Soap 
  Everyone Knows Oatmeal Is great for your Skin! So When you Paid a Powdered Oatmeal With an All natural Bubble Soap it's a Win Win Situation! Scented with an earthy Oatmeal Milk and Honey and topped with Raw oatmeal for added scrubbing power! Made using 75% Olive Oil, this Soap is sure to leave your Skin Silky Soft and Happy!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Products!

Hi All! 
August Just flew By Didn't it? And With September Around the Corner, I thought I'd Announce a few things! :)

First off, CONGRATULATIONS To Megan For Winning the "Great Cocoa Butter Giveaway!" You can visit her Awesome Shop By Clicking the Link!

I would also Like to Announce A Wonderful Line of Lip Balms Will be coming Soon To!  Offering the following Flavors, your Sure to Find one for you!! (Psst, they are Vegan Friendly too!)
1. Bubble Gum
2. Cotton Candy
3. Grape
4. Vanilla
5. Coconut
7. Peppermint
8. Spearmint
And More!! 
Be Sure to Check and check availability!   

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Great Cocoa Butter Bar Giveaway!!

Now is the time to Enter the "GREAT COCOA BUTTER BAR GIVEAWAY!" 
From now, until the last day of the Month you can enter in a variety of ways!
1. Leave a comment on my Blog gives you one (1) Entry!
2. "Like" us on FaceBook and Get one (1) Entry!
3. Comment in the CONTEST Group on Etsy, leave a message Letting me know your favorite Item from my Shop Gets you one (1) Entry! Click HERE For the Contest Page
4. Purchase ANY item from my Shop and Receive three (3) Entries! 
5. Promote ImaginaryBee on your Facebook page, as a status Update and Receive three (3) Entries!  (Send me the link for verification)

On September 1st I will announce the winner here on my blog! So please check back often! Please leave your Name in any of your entries so announcing the winner will be easier:) Once you've been chosen, Contact me with your Color and Scent Options and sit back and relax and wait for the Cocoa Butter Bar to arrive! Woo!!